The Divided

by masnema

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This album is a great mix of brutal and heavy and melodic and pretty.

Thank you, listen loud and enjoy!


released October 6, 2012

Aaron - I would like to thank all my friends and family for supporting me/us through all these years, and years to come. I would like to thank anyone who has ever come out to a show or checked out a song. I cannot thank everybody enough! Your the reason why we still do what we love to do.

Branden - I'd like to thank my Grandmother(Toni Blankenship) for buying my first guitar, and the rest of my family for their unconditional love and support. Also my friends and fans of MASNEMA for sticking by our side for as long as they have. Special shout out to my Girlfriend Rosemma and my Daughter Rosaleigh, Daddy loves you both!

Joel - I cannot believe this weight has finally been lifted. To my brothers in arms and everyone else that is still my friend after the last 3 years, YOU ARE AWESOME. I thank you for your love, support and faith in MASNEMA. To my mother (Rosanna Stewart), thank you for all you've done for us/me and most of all for believing in us/me. :) I love you lady

Josh - I'd like to thank all of my friends and family who have been supportive over my entire musical career. Most of all, I'd like to thank my brothers in Masnema for sticking through the hard times together. No matter how low we get, we always power through it.

Artwork by Joshua Peters, Joel Stewart & FredReedPhotography
Album Written & Recorded by MASNEMA
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Joel Stewart at WoodDoorRecording.



all rights reserved


masnema Ypsilanti, Michigan

We aren't something that you'd hear every day, nor a breed all our own. We write what we like to hear, which can be different at times or more of a remix of our own influences. Just about everything is an homage of something already created, after all. Chuck Palahniuk once said "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known." ... more

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Track Name: The Hopeless Tragedy
This dark, winding path
Gives way to beautiful scenes
The moon peers through the trees
So bright tonight, but something's not right
The sounds of dead leaves
Crumble below her feet
Can't seem to shake this horrible feeling
As if she's being watched, or maybe hunted

She hears a noise behind her
And feels immediate regret
She should have stayed home tonight
Sounds like footsteps approaching
And so she picks up her pace
But it was no use

While daylight has died
A red sky remains
The constant emptiness
Soon fades away
He breathes a sigh of relief
He's fought through her deceit
And as she dies tonight
He'll shed no more tears

A shallow hole meant for two
But there's only one less soul
A ruffled black dress, dirt stained
Red lipstick smearing away

The overwhelming feeling
Of guilt is slowly rising
This endless night of pain
Brings forth no tomorrow
This love has bled
For one last time
A cold embrace in the night
Is such a tragedy
It was such a tragedy

Two bodies remain without a reason why
No signs of struggle and no blood in sight
Abused and consumed every ounce of hate
He trickled into her eyes

A crowd began to gather
Around the yellow tape
Perhaps hoping to see something
Too terrible to look at
Track Name: Bitter Scent
Pale skin, cold and lifeless
Eyes close, still and breathless
My fingertips will graze your flesh
As they never have before

Oh how pretty you've become
Now that you've fallen next to me
How wonderfully strange
What a mystery beauty can be

There can be no wrong
If it all seems right
The sun kisses my skin
And disguises my fright
I would beg for a change
But things would only be worse
Guilt is not a privilege
It's become a curse

I've taken the gift
That's been given to you
The sweetest tormentor
Who will bleed this through
I could smell the neglect
As if it were your scent
As I fell from your arms
In abandonment
Track Name: Euthanized
Horrendous, but slightly sweet
Obsessive and never complete
Watching you from a distance
Trying to learn your routine
Sadly alone and imagining
A life with you

It was you
And that look you gave me
From across the room
It was you
Who spoke without words
To let me know how you feel
It was you
That has the sweetest voice
That I cannot resist
Now it's you
Who is unconscious
And bound safely in my room

It was only to protect you
From the cruelty of the world
I hope you can forgive me
I just had to keep you safe

Your tears are a sign of love
The chloroform is only to help you sleep
I feel a connection like with no other
This has turned in to a fabulous disaster

It's just too bad you couldn't accept me
Too bad I'm broken and in agony
Beaten and bruised, just like your pretty face
And so I met you with this warm embrace
You're so adorable when you're covered with fear
Are you cold? Cause you're shivering, my dear
Wipe those tears away, things will be just fine
And I will hold you close for all the rest of time

It was you
And that look you gave me
From across the room
It was you
Who screamed for help
Even though I asked you not to
It was you
That has the sweetest voice
Especially when it's strained
Now it's you
Who is unconscious
And is never waking up
Track Name: Truth & More Discomforts
This day will end in discomfort
There are few things more unsettling than death

I will show you every single one of them
I will make you see what you never wanted to
Pry your eyes open and show you the truth
Lies are far too easy

It's so easy to be comfortable
When you don't know what's going on
How many times have you been deceived now?

Slit my throat before your blood pours from my mouth
I could make you bleed with just a few simple words

There are few things more hurtful than what I know

And I will do just that
Because I have no more respect
Nothing to bind me
To the promises that I have kept
Track Name: Our Last Dance
Desire to suffer
Does it make you feel alive
You are my burden
A Failure
A Meaningless life
A Life forsaken
In your sorrow I find
My harmony

Internal suffering builds from pain
You have invoked my hatred
I'll kill you so I can breathe again
For one last time before I...

Sever the meaning of love
Unfortunately in vain
I wish I could spare you of this
It has to be this way
Track Name: Femina
There was a dead look in its eyes
With an aura of self-loathing and despair
A creature, unforgiving
And cold to the touch
But a smell so sublime
That it will lure you in
As soon as it finds its host
It latches on

And once it's had its taste of your blood
It will not let you go
And once it's drained you of everything
It will take more from you

As damaged as they are
You always want to help them
A need to fix what is broken
And soon you understand
They're unrepairable
But by then you've been sucked
Of your remaining life

Take everything, take what you need
But leave me as a whole
You've taken blood so watch me bleed
You have no self control
I don't know how I could allow
This mind controlling horror
So watch me now as I will bow
For I cannot destroy her
Track Name: Harlot
I jump in shock just like waking up
After falling in a dream
I turn to you and I realize
That you have betrayed me

I hope that your lies
Keep you warm at night
Cause when you touch me
I get the coldest chill
I shiver with disgust
At the thought that I have touched
Your body, so used
You can't contain yourself

Your waters run shallow
Just a frozen creek
I've gained some perspective
So stay away from me
Your filth is unwanted
A harlot in my eyes
Touched by so many
Malevolence between your thighs
Track Name: Frailness of Being
The wretched, the frigid
A facade of seduction
Tattered and shallow
But laced exquisitely
A pariah, hated and weak
The frailness of being
We are simple creatures
Made to die

Sedate me as I strive to
Break through this desperation
I'd rather erode alone

This fable of weakness
And self-loathing drones
The dullness of humanity

Marvel at the amount of disgust
I have for every one of you

One nation, undivided
As a whole, we malfunction
Look to the scarlet ground
Our blood can be enchanting
But after we self-destruct
There will be love among the ruins
We'll gather and join hands
And sing anthems of loss
Track Name: The Divided
And then one day I could see beyond
The aspects of reality
What life portrays as a human bond
Depraves me of humanity
Unlike before when I was still blind
And oblivious to the truth
Opened the door to the cruelty of man-kind
Hatred is brewing in our youth

How can I try to be the only one
With pure intentions in my heart
Be the only one, who's calm and drama free
When the world around me is chaotic?

It seems to me the earth is in ruins
Full of greed and a lust for power
To conquer all there is to be had
And filled with the stench of war

We stand as one
United as the divided
A lonely dance
With hands unheld
Swaying to the rhythm
Of unacceptance
And ignorance
Loathing what we don't understand