Somewhere Between

by masnema

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released September 13, 2013

Album Art by Christina Sammour



all rights reserved


masnema Ypsilanti, Michigan

We aren't something that you'd hear every day, nor a breed all our own. We write what we like to hear, which can be different at times or more of a remix of our own influences. Just about everything is an homage of something already created, after all. Chuck Palahniuk once said "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known." ... more

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Track Name: Somewhere Between
Somewhere Between

We should live today
For a better tomorrow
Without much more than effort
Just think outside yourself

Your race is no greater than another
Your species, the same
Synonymous in life
Parallel as beings
Your gender is how you identify
Not a means for power
We are all of one flesh
We are all of one blood

We can clean the mess
We've made of our minds
How we've become desensitized
All we have to do is try

These dark clouds will rain no more
These dark days will soon shine bright
Our lives will have true meaning
And understanding for all

And those left without compassion
Will become a dying breed
A future full of beauty
Without those who perish for our greed
Somewhere between hope and reality
We find ourselves living in today
Preserving life for tomorrow
Waiting for this hatred to decay
Track Name: The United States of Apathy
The United States of Apathy

Awake each day
Without a single bit of doubt
Stay true to your beliefs
No matter who tries to bring you down

Live each moment like it was made
For you to change the world
Even though you may think you can't
It's not impossible

Let's rid existence of its
Pointless human drama

What kind of society
Sits back and watches as they
Take control if our lives
Its not impossible to make a difference

What better time than now
To make our voices heard?
What are you so afraid of?

I'm not sure what is more
Is it that we live in a world
Where injustice reigns?
Or is it that our mindless culture
Allowed themselves to be
Controlled by the few?

Why do we let this happen
When we know that it's wrong?
How can we be so consumed
By our apathy?